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Pimcy in Expert Spotlight Webinar of Qmarkets

Navigating the 3 horizons

On Wednesday 23 February Pimcy will feature as expert in the Spotlight Webinar of Qmarkets. The topic is ‘Navigate the 3 Horizons of Innovation Management‘.

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Since partnering with Qmarkets at the start of 2021, Pimcy have worked on a variety of innovation management programs with the Qmarkets team. In this webinar, Joyce Oomen and Peter Stooker from Pimcy will be sharing insight directly from these succesful experiences.

In this strategic session we will show you how to Navigate the ‘3 Horizons’ of Innovation Management and create a balanced innovation portfolio for years ahead. By using principles of innovation portfolio management, organizations can structure and optimize their portfolios better over time. The three horizons model is one of the key models to provide this structure. It also helps to ensure that organisations apply an innovation process that is tailored to your unique goals.

What will you learn?

  • Applying the 3 horizons model to decide which innovation process is most suitable
  • Creating a more balanced innovation portfolio to scale and grow your innovation program
  • Leveraging the 3 horizons methodology to deliver ongoing ROI for your organization

Webinar schedule

In this webinar we will expand on the 3 horizons model and show you how Qmarkets can help  support this principle. These insights are based on a successful implementation of Qmarkets for an international company based in the Netherlands that operates in over 20 countries.

23 February CET
  • 18.30 PM Introduction
    Qmarkets will make a quick introduction and share some background information about Qmarkets and the origins of the partnership.

  • 18:40 PM The 3 Horizons of Innovation

    In this part we will introduce you to this methodology and explain how it can be useful for any organization regardless of existing innovation capacity.

  • 19:00 PM Where Methodology Meets Technology

    Here we will share how the 3 Horizons model can be a perfect fit when employing an innovation management platform like Qmarkets.

  • 19:15 PM Q&A Session
    This is your chance to pick the brains of our innovation experts. Feel free to ask your questions throughout the webinar, and they will be addressed in this dedicated period at the end of our webinar.

    Register now!

    Use the link below to register and get access to a Pimcy template and support to map your own innovation portfolio.

    Should you not be able to attend, we will add the recording of the webinar later to this article.

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